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Tunisian Association for Future of Science and Technology

BP 42 Moknine 5050

00216 28670570

Ever since its creation as a club in 2007, recorded in the JORT in 2012, the Tunisian Association for the Future of Science and Technology ATAST has broken all boundaries time and time again, taking success to an international level, raising the Tunisian flag high and proud at international scientific competitions. ATAST selects its competitors of the Tunisian delegation through national competitions organized all throughout the year.

We are dedicated to investing in the next generation of innovators in the field of science and technology and to facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our goals essentially revolve around promoting activities of development and growth for young.

ATAST aims towards detecting young talents at primary school level and providing them with the guidance necessary to grow and evolve.

To that end, and to multiply initiatives, we organize contests such as the national DIY contest TUNIBRICO, the national digital production contest BET, the national SPELLING CONTEST, the scientific camp ATAST STC, the international science fair IFEST² and the international computer security contest ATASTCTF ...

A vast media coverage, ranging from TV, Magazines, newspapers, radios, social media... helps us deploy the name of our association across the country and across the world.