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The Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies

Novotného lávka 5 110 00 Praha 1 Czech republic

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The Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies(hereafter ČSVTS) is an autonomous voluntary civic organization of 67 independent scientific and technical civic associations which are member societies of ČSVTS as well as autonomous legal bodies.

The mission of the ČSVTS is to represent the interests of its member organizations, and to create conditions for securing professional interests, career development and lifelong learning of engineers and technicians.

The ČSVTS as a representative of the Czech Republic is a member of European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), a member of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and 26 ČSVTS’ member organizations are members of 30  international non-governmental organizations in connection with their professional field.

The ČSVTS is the only founder of Houses of Technology, Ltd. in Plzeň (Pilsen), Pardubice, České Budějovice, Ostrava and Kladno. The Houses of Technology provide a wide range of facilities for organizing educational programmes and training courses in technical and general fields of education, and are holding congresses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

During the twenty years of its modern history, the ČSVTS was transformed into a respected representative of the scientific, technical and engineering community of the Czech Republic, associating 67 member societies of more than 100 000 individual members. The member societies are engaged in many professional branches of technical, natural and social sciences, especially the applied sciences of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering, transport engineering, textile engineering, telecommunications engineering, physical engineering, aeronautical engineering,  aerospace engineering, cartographic engineering, food process engineering, chemistry, material engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural engineering, urbanism, environmental engineering, phytomedicinal treatment, biotechnology, sanitary engineering, cybernetics, informatics, information technology, automatic control, artificial intelligence, economics, management, scientific management, marketing, quality management, legal aspects, research and technical work. 

The ČSVTS, and particularly its member societies, take an active part in solution of different problems of scientific research, development and innovations in the area of technical branches and applied sciences.

The ČSVTS along with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, technical universities and other universities, represents  the most significant science, technology and engineering potential of the Czech Republic, connecting prominent professional experts in each member society. The aim of the ČSVTS is particularly high quality care of professional competence of each member and service in providing technical aid for solutions of many current problems in research, development and innovations, in formulation of concepts of state policy of sustainable development in energy, industry, transport, agriculture, health care, environment, education and other areas related to the country's life.

The ČSVTS provides variety of educational programmes, including retraining courses for the public in its regional Houses of Technology in Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň and České Budějovice. It contributes significantly to citizens' qualification enhancement, possible retraining, and reduction in unemployment. In this way the ČSVTS and its member organizations fulfill one of the main duties of their task: to propagate the permanent process of lifelong learning and professional development of engineers, technicians and general public.

The ČSVTS has signed a few bilateral agreements on cooperation, and some of its member societies have also signed agreements with international scientific and technical societies and made close contacts all over the world. The ČSVTS collaborates closely with the Slovak Association of Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS), the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Association of German Engineers (VDI),  the Portuguese Order of Engineers (Ordem dos Ingenheiros), The Institution of Engineers India (IEI), the Ukrainian Assocation of Scientific and Technological Societies (UUSEA), Australian Engineers (EA), and Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE).

The member societies collaborate with European and world scientific societies, hold technical congresses, conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, technical excursions, and work at their technical committies or boards.