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Dr. Lee Song Choon

Song Choon graduated from Imperial College London with 1st Class Honours in Biochemistry and received his PhD from University of Cambridge. Song Choon is a scientist by training, and his research work has covered stem cells, cancer genetics and genomics research, in particular, using animal models to understand pathways that drive the initiation and progression of cancer; and mechanisms that control stem cell fate determination. He has published book chapters and several papers on stem cells and cancer in international journals such as Nature Communications and Science. He is currently a member of the National Precision Medicine Public and Community Trust workgroup and an Editorial Board member of Asian Youth Journal of Biology.

Song Choon joined Science Centre in May 2011 as head of Life Sciences and since Feb 2017, he holds a dual portfolio at Science Centre where he also oversees the management and operations of KidsSTOPTM (Singapore’s first Children Science Centre). His teams manage science educational programmes, exhibits, promotional events, outreach and competitions for audiences ranging from toddlers to adults. In 2017, Song Choon’s team obtained a USD200,00 3-year grant to roll out Amgen Biotech Experience to Singapore schools. Other key projects that Song Choon oversees include International Science Drama Competition, Abbott Young Scientist Programme, Young Learners’ Festival, Brain Festival, Youth Science Ambassador Programme and Family Science Clubs.

Recognised as an excellent communicator, Dr Lee has experience as a scientific course instructor and speaker in the University and has also been invited to speak and judge at various competitions, science festivals and conferences, both locally and internationally.