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Academy of Sciences of Republic of Tajikistan

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In Tajikistan, a systematic research work to study the history and culture of the Tajik people, natural resources of the republic, the establishment of steady-state research centers and training of scientific personnel was carried out by the scientists from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Geographers, geologists, botanists, zoologists, surveyors, economists and scientists collected huge material which then served as the basis for a systematic and purposeful scientific research. Great work on the study of flora and fauna of Tajikistan, identification of its hydropower, mineral and fuel resources outlined the prospects of new land and industrial development of the country. Results were presented and discussed in the committee of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and organization of the Tajik Academy of Sciences of the USSR for regular research on the territory of the republic was decided.

The first president of the Academy of Sciences of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic was elected an outstanding scientist and culture of Tajikistan, the founder of the Tajik Soviet literature Sadriddin Aini (1878-1954), who made a huge contribution to the study of the cultural history of the Tajik people.

In May 2002, the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “About the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan was adopted”.

Currently, more than 2000 employs are working, including 35 full members and 43 corresponding member, 190 doctors, 360 candidates’ with18 foreign members in the Academy of Sciences. Now AS comprises 14 research institutes, Pamir Branch, which includes two Institute, Khatlon and Khujand research centers, international research center "Pamir-Chacaltay" and several other research institutions engaged in research in the field of natural, technical and social sciences.

During the period of national independence of the RT scientists published about 10 thousand scientific papers, including 1200 books, booklets and scientific collections. Over the past 10 years, more than three thousand articles and research works in various journals was published. Publications of the U.S., Europe, India, Iran, CIS, indicated the recognition of the results of research of scientists at the international level.

The scientific potential of the AS is high enough; the Academy of Sciences can and should exert growing influence on the development of science, culture, education and economy in the country.

The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan is the state organization under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. Now it has 18 research Institutions and centers on different field of sciences. The Academy also trains MA and PhD students in technical, philological, natural and foreign languages sciences. Foreign languages department provide researches on different structures of languages, trains MA and PhD courses.