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Jamili Science and Technology Foundation

“It is valuable that we can assist those who are eager to study but cannot afford it, and to support families with talented young people, then nothing more than this satisfies me.”

Ebrahim Jamili - Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees

History of Jamili Science and Technology Foundation

On November 4, 2007, the main body of "Jamili Science and Technology Foundation" was formed by Mr. Ebrahim Jamili and Dr. Shadi Jamili with the cooperation of the board of trustees (mainly university professors) in order to support the scientific activities in the country, along with the support of the needy students and their families. The foundation's principle is based on the importance of educational and scientific abilities in order to reduce the suffering and unevenness that stands in the way of learning science.

The activities of Jamili Science and Technology Foundation can be summarized in the belowitems:

✓ Holding annual scientific festivals in the field of basic sciences called "Young Scientists Festival (YSF)" in the country that is in the internationalization transform from 2022.

✓ Awarding the educational-research grant by the Jamili Foundation to the winners of the 5 rounds of the Young Scientists Festivals.

✓ Encouraging the atmosphere of entrepreneurship for the graduates by providing the required training and support for implementing a scientific idea in the basic sciences to a product/application.

✓ Establishing a UNESCO club (Basic Sciences and Technology UNESCO Club) with educational and cultural activities towards promoting the science to technology.

✓ Enhancing the awareness of the society on the potential of science, technology, and research in improving the public welfare and enriching the culture of knowledge-based development of the society. Planning and investing in the field of education and training the public by holding

workshops, webinars, exhibitions, newsletters and regular online materials.

✓ Promoting the public understanding of the importance of science for advancement of technology and sustainable development in the country.

✓ Establishing, websites, portals, publishing magazines and newsletters, active presence in virtual networks, holding conferences, holding festivals and scientific events for the public audience, holding cultural exhibitions with the presence of intellectuals and scientific teams to promote the

attention of the community to the importance of science in the development and welfare in society and acquainting the public with the importance of the applied research in basic science.

✓ Financial support of 7 applied and production research projects proposed by young

researchers in the field of controlling the COVID-19.

✓ Establishing the production line of disinfectants (masks and disinfectants) and donating them free of charge to various centers and organizations in Iran to fight the corona virus.

✓ Identifying and admitting eligible students for awarding scholarships and living subsidies. Jamili Science and Technology Foundation has been able to increase the number of people covered from 100 in 2007 to 7,270 students in 2018.

✓ Providing about 10,000 students scholarships talented and applicants from primary to PhD during the last 10 years in the country.

✓ Concluding a memorandum of cooperation with the first level universities of the country(Tehran, Sanati Sharif, Shahid Beheshti, Kharazmi, Zanjan) and the science and technology parks of the mentioned universities to support their activity - both administratively and

financially - in introducing the impact of science in daily lives to the society.

✓ Financing the renovation of dormitories of three universities, helping to provide the necessary needs of the student dormitories at the University of Tehran.

✓ Participation in the construction of a new educational building for the University of Tehran.

✓ Equipping schools, libraries and university science museums of the country.

✓ Allocating two annual research grants to "distinguished young professor" who has beenhighly successful in working on research topics that serve the society.

✓ Establishment of an accelerator inviting people to get trained in this incubator for developing their knowledge-based idea. Free services of this accelerator to the society include: mentoring, offering work and lab space, feasibility study, empowering skills required for forming the knowledge-based start ups.

✓ Financial support of young researchers (students, graduates and non-academic researchers) in applied research has led to the registration of 33 national patents. Currently, the main focus of the foundation among above-mentioned items is cooperation with experienced professors from universities, research institutes and technology parks of the country for the scientific and technical support of the young students to enable them to develop and implement their feasible ideas in basic sciences to an application or product. In today’s world, the rapid global scientific development, international communication and

cooperation, and interaction between different cultures play a major role in the success of the foundations. As a result, Jamili Science and Technology Foundation welcomes expanding its cooperation with multiple cultures and in an international scale.