Over the rivers, lakes and seas are bridges that facilitate the transit of vehicles and pedestrians; bridges are of different designs and forms. Whether exquisite, poetic or distinctive, they really enrich our life; bridges also carry the nostalgia of those far away from hometown, where memorable stories took place. Is there a special bridge in your hometown, city or country? Please show us your photos with bridges and take a look at bridges in different cultures. Participants will be granted a certificate.

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Case demonstration


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Bridge name: Chengyang Fengyu Bridge (Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge)
Team members: Nengjun ZHENG, Hao LU, Huichun TANG, Shunzhi WANG
Country/Region: China
Province/state: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Introduction of the Bridge and Your Reasons:

This is Chengyang Fengyu Bridge (Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge), which is over the Linxi River along Chengyang eight stockaded villages. Built in 1912, the bridge was mainly made of wood and stones. Without a single rivet or nail, the bridge is entirely supported by mortise-tenon connection. Chengyang Fengyu Bridge (Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge) is a masterpiece of Dong Nationality Stockaded Village and also the best-preserved and largest Wind and Rain Bridge at present. It represents the collective efforts of the Dong Nationality and is a treasure of wooden architecture in ancient China. Serving as an important transportation hub in Dong Nationality Stockaded Village, the pavilion on the bridge accommodates people to rest and gather, sheltering them from wind and rain, so it is called “Wind and Rain Bridge”.


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